Birthday Suit

It’s been a little under 4 weeks since my birthday, and to say that I am grateful to welcome another year would be an honest understatement. Turning 25 has felt like the fullest, most welcoming breathe of fresh air that I’ve had in a while.

In truthfulness, I am grateful for every lessons that I’ve learned in the past–even the ones that seemed almost unbearable. But every decision that I’ve had to make has led me to this moment of gratitude…and that has made it all worth it.

Turning 25, everything feels possible. Like anything and everything is to play for.

It’s a bit interesting to even see those words written out in front of me, because for the better part of this past year I would very likely have said the complete opposite.

Your 20’s are hard–but what I’ve learned is being unkind to yourself is even harder. And if it’s one big thing that my younger self has taught me, it is to be kind. Not only to others, but especially myself.

And as the ever kind and self-loving connoisseur Meghan, Duchess of Sussex said, ” It’s not enough to just survive something, right? That’s not the point of life. You’ve got to thrive, you’ve got to be happy.”

So this year, I am making a promise to myself: To simply be kind. To my self and to others– as I would be to my best friend, my dog, or even a stranger.

Because life isn’t about just surviving. You’ve got to be happy.

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