Power Chat With Christina Slaughter

The beauty of sisterhood is that it doesn’t have one style, one look, or one formula. Sisterhood manifests itself in many different environments, situations, and people.

Christina Slaughter

Living in a state with no family had come with its challenges, especially as I transitioned into college. In the beginning, it felt like I had no one to depend on other than my mom. I’ve dealt with a lot of transitions while in college, from my parents divorcing, my mom moving to New York, financial issues– things that only made college really difficult for me to focus on.

But through all of that, there was one woman in particular (who is now my Sorority sister), who tapped into me at the right time.

Through my involvement on campus, and volunteering at her daughters program– Girls, Inc.– she recognized something special within me. She helped me find campus resources for school, helped me get a job within my dorm, prayed over me, rooted for me, and supported me, regardless of our differences.

After I joined our organization, the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., it finally started to all made sense!

Our sorority prides itself on holding sisterhood to its core, and it has manifested in soooo many ways in my life–especially when my father passed away 2 years ago.

The out pour of love and support I received was overwhelming. It was at this moment, I remember I gained a deeper relationship with some of my sisters. When my father had passed, one of my line sisters, Bri, came to my house ASAP. She brought me food, and a card and spent time with me, and that really meant the world to me.

My other sorority sisters sent flowers in support, and even drove all the way to Maryland to support my family during this tough time. I’ve grown a lot since then, and I am blessed to have sisters who have grown with me, and will support me through thick and thin!

Looking back over the last two years, it actually brings tears to my eyes, because I wonder where I would be mentally and emotionally without my sisterhood keeping me solid.

From tragedies to triumphs, the beauty of sisterhood is that it is raw.

It is boundless.

There is no end cap to how much value a true sisterhood can bring to a woman. Being surrounded by women who are honest, loyal, loving (even if it’s tough!), prayerful, hilarious, and gorgeous is an absolute blessing that has changed my life forever.

I am constantly inspired by my beautiful sisters, and take pride in how they have empowered me to spread this energy to every woman I come in contact with.

Sisterhood is amazing!♥

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