Power Chat With Brittany Brown

Hey Ladies!

Brief introduction to me–My name is Brittany Brown, and I own a baking business.

As a young girl I always loved to bake, but it wasn’t until I was a sophomore in college that I realized not only do I have a skill, but a skill that people are willing to spend some money on.

I remember vividly the first sale I ever made– I baked what has become my signature triple chocolate cupcakes for my cousin’s graduation party, and one of her guest took a bite of her cupcake, whipped out her wallet, and yelled, “Who made these cupcakes ’cause I’m trying to place an order RIGHT NOW!?”

Excited to see her enthusiasm, but still not fully confident in my abilities I quoted her a price that was far lower than my product value, she gave me cash right there, and I delivered the 50 triple chocolate cupcakes the following weekend.

That small moment is what now empowers me to be a boss lady.

Knowing where I started inspires me so much in my journey to become a better business woman each and every day. I’m looking to create more products that my customers can get enthusiastic about! It is a feeling of great satisfaction when you make something with your own hands, and people actually enjoy it. I pull inspiration from other bakers and baking companies as inspiration and motivation for when I have my own bakery one day!

As a boss woman, I choose to focus on what makes me MOVE.

What is it that makes you move? Use that as your motivation and inspiration. If it doesn’t get you excited, then it may not be for you. In truth there are days where I feel uninspired and unmotivated, but I will always choose to START. Often times we psych ourselves out, or make excuses because we may not have that “spark” at the moment, but you have to start–sometimes all you need is to just get the ball rolling.

You can’t reach your end goal, if you never start.

The definition of empowerment alone is igniting to me. Whatever it is in life that I desire or that I need already belongs to me. I need to claim it, and hold tight to that truth, but most importantly, act on that truth.

A plan without action is merely a dream. The only way to attain all that you want is to act.

And finally, as I go along my journey of building my brand and developing my business, I keep in mind these things:

1. Risk are good.
2. I do not in any way, shape, or form have all the answers.
3. There is always room to grow.
4. I already possess what it takes it just has to be unleashed.
5. Be kind.
6. Smile.
7. Share ideas.
8. Stay genuine.
9. I have to bet on me.
10. Network!
11. Read a little here and there (but only books with pictures!)



Website: Bunny Cakes Sweet Treats

Instagram: Bunny Cakes Sweet Treats

Instagram: Brittany Brown

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