10 Things I Want To Do Before 2019 Ends

1.Listen to more inspiring podcast in the mornings.

So many podcast, so little time.

2. Try at least one new food a month from another culture.

I hear there’s a fantastic Brazilian restaurant in town, and I’m just dying to check it out.

3. Write more often.

Write something–at least one thing–every day.

4. Shadow someone in a specialty career (i.e. doctor, lawyer, lawmaker) for a day.

I want to see how the busiest people in the world manage there time.

5. Be more consistent with my website.

I’m terrible at this, but I’m determined to get better!

6. Appreciate the silence.

You’d be surprised how much you can learn when in it’s quiet.

7. Become the best boss lady I can possibly be!

It’s only natural.

8. Do more yoga.

For me, there’s no better way to relax.

9. Go see a Broadway play.

To witness the Fine Arts of theatre would be amazing.

10. Become a morning person.

I wake up at 7am now, but to get myself to wake up at 6 AM or 6:30AM…now that’s the trick.

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