I Conquered A Fear

” Never Forget How WILDLY Capable You Are”

If you’ve been paying attention to ShekinahRagland.com lately, here and on social media, then you know that I’ve embarked on quite the adventurous self-discovery journey–and I am falling wildly in love with it.

Over the weekend, I conquered two fears of mine, and to say that I feel so incredibly powerful for it, would be a downplay.

Over the weekend, I conquered my fear of needles, and the constant nagging fear of not living my life according to other people’s perceptions of me.

How did I conquer my fears, you might ask? How any 24-year-old would, of course. Tattoos and piercings. 😀

The entire day and night before all of this, you would’ve thought that I was for certain going through some traumatic life event–saying I was a complete nervous wreck would’ve been an understatement!

I kept asking myself, “What would people think of me? How will people react? Am I actually going through with this, or should I just back out now, and be done with it? Is this going to hurt really badly? What am I doing?!”

But to every question, I answered with this: You must do the very thing that you think you cannot do. And what other people think of you, is none of your business.

Not one bit.

I repeated that to myself all night long, and again on the drive to the tattoo shop, and before I knew it, I was in the chair and was being asked if I was ready.

And in the moment, it dawned on me.

It was never about doing the things that I thought I could not do…but it was rather about doing the things that I knew that I had the capability to do.

I have the capability to ignore the nay-sayers, I have the capability to be as powerful as I want to be, I have the capability to be completely and unapologetically me.

And so in that chair, with one long deep breath, I became free.

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