Owning Alone: Conquering Your Fear of Being Solo| Teresa Rodriguez

“She was incomprehensible, for in her, soul and spirit were one–the beauty of her  body was the essence of her soul. She was that unity sought for by philosophers through many centuries. In this outdoor waiting room of winds and stars, she had been sitting for a hundred years, at peace in the contemplation of herself.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald 

During this journey of self-discovery, I made a promise to be completely and utterly honest with myself.

So, here’s the truth: I hate being alone. It’s like nails on chalkboard to me.

But I realize now that this adventure of self-discovery will require some aloneness– even more, it requires self-sufficiency.

Now I don’t mean “alone” in the sense of  becoming a hermit, but in the sense of I have to realize that being alone, isn’t mutually exclusive with embarrassment or shame. If you ask most women, their number one fear is either dying alone, embarrassment, or shame. So right here and now, I am deciding that that will no longer be me. 

Teresa Rodriguez’ Ted Talk about owning being alone, is so powerful and empowering–I really hope that you enjoy this video as much as I did, and I hope that it helps you on your pathway to self-discovery, as it has mine.

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