Power Chat With Leslie Salazar

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This past year has been one of the most challenging of my adult life– at least it felt that way. I was diagnosed with depression, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and I was experiencing panic attacks and going through many life failures and mistakes — some in my control and others not so much.

Yet, even with so many challenges, I also found this to be the most empowering and inspiring year of my life.

During my times of figuring out what it meant to live with PCOS, I pushed harder and built back my self esteem in pieces. With PCOS I gained 30 pounds, all while I was eating balanced meals and working out 3x a week. The weight came out of nowhere, and it felt that no matter what I did, I couldn’t shed any of it.

At the time, I was lucky enough to have my insurance cover me so I could go to a dietitian to figure out what worked best for me. After many trial and errors, and a little bit of medication, I was able to find a good routine. And at times when I would fall off the wagon and go right back to the tears, I just had to push through it and tell myself to get right back on track.

Now I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body, and I focus on how I feel instead of what I look like. I tell myself that this is just another challenge in life, because if it weren’t for PCOS, I would not be as healthy and feel the way I do right now– regardless of what the scale says.

I have found empowerment in all of the mistakes and challenges that have been sent my way, good or bad, and I have to look at things and say, “Okay, we’re here now, I’ve done everything in my control, so what is it that you are going to learn from this?”

I believe that mistakes and failures don’t define who you are, but what you do after you are met with those challenges does.

Not saying that every day has gotten easier, because it hasn’t. Somedays, I have to eat ice cream and ask, “Why me?,” but after all of that, I ask myself,  “What can I do differently, tomorrow?”  And without fail, I always remember this: Be inspired and be empowered by your struggles. It’s OK to not be too hard on yourself.

Because I realized that in the end, there is always tomorrow.


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