4 Wishes, 1 Goal.

“Autumn. The season that teaches us that change can be beautiful.” 


As of  today, we are officially TWO days away from Fall ! (Why is it still 90 degrees outside, you ask? You’re guess is as good as mine at this point).

But if I had to choose which season is my favorite, I think it definitely would be Fall. It’s not too chilly, not too hot AND I can wear my flannels and faux fur vest at any given time. I think it’s quite the set up to a fabulous life, to be honest. (;

This year I really wanted to do Fall a little differently though. This year, I wanted to step outside of my usual cozy Fall activities, and really kind of push myself to do something outside of the norm. How do I do that? By creating a list–sounds simple, right? Wrong.  Trying to sit and force myself to do something outside of my comfort zone isn’t exactly something I meet with a gracious smile.

But there’s something liberating about Fall—something about the crisp air awakens something deep within me. Something that makes me want to soar like an eagle. And before this year is over, I told myself that it’s time that I expanded my life palette. Keeping with the Fall theme though, I created a short list of things I wanted to do this fall that will push me towards my ultimate goal of being fearlessly free.

Check out what I came up with below:

Learn How to Cook.

Listen. Don’t judge me. Not everyone was blessed with naturally great cooking skills– and by not everyone, I mean myself. I once convinced myself to learn early on in the 2017 year, but one bad incident with the Christmas cake quickly shook all of the blissful ignorance right out of me. But never-the-less, here I am, attempting to learn this thing one more time. Baby steps, right?

Talk Less, Do More.

I am quite guilty of complaining about all the things I want to do, but I never take the steps to do them. Enough is enough though, it’s time that I start speaking with my actions more, and less with my words. After all, they say that silence is key right?

Wear More Purple.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking–why is this her goal? Lame. But you guys don’t understand–I HATE purple. I don’t understand how that can be somebody’s favorite color. If I ever thought about wearing something purple, I’d break out in a rash. But sticking with the theme of stepping outside of my comfort zone, I’ve decided to put it on the list…so purple eyeshadow…here I come.

Do More, Think Less.

Hi, I’m Shekinah, and I have a terrible habit of caring entirely too much about what people think of me, and quite often take things too personal. There,  I said it. Ugh, I’m ashamed. But the first step to recovery is admitting, right? This Fall I’m going to start doing more, and thinking about what others think about me less. At the end of the day, their opinion about me is none of my business and certainly not my problem. So cheers to uploading those selfies that I really loved, but talked myself out of posting. Cheers to being fearlessly free ❤

How Will You Push Yourself To Be Fearlessly Free This Fall? Comment Below.













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