Power Chat With Sydney Crane

I met Sydney just short of a few months ago, and from the very beginning I could feel the light within her. She is incredibly humble, and is so gorgeous from the inside out–I mean really look at her. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching someone around my age find their empowerment. So without further due, read below what empowers this fashionista!

From Sydney———————————————————————-

      When I think about the word empowered, I think of using your unique talents and passions as a tool to accomplish your goals.  Ultimately, I want to empower others to be free thinkers, and push the limits of what they think they can achieve.

I am a 21 year old media/entertainment major at Kennesaw State University, but I also am an artist. I feel so empowered by creating art, and a lot of my work is inspired by various musicians that I admire. Some artists who I feel extremely empowered by are Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and Kurt Cobain.

One of my idols, Kurt Cobain said, “My mother encouraged me to be artistic. It was written in a contract at an early age that I would be an artist.” I relate  so much to this, because I have been making art as long as I can remember. But with being an artist is the pressure to make things perfect. I always find myself wondering, “Will people like what I’m making? Can I even paint this? Is this too difficult for me to achieve?”

Screenshot_20180707-235503But luckily, I have been blessed with a family that is beyond supportive of my artistic ventures. My family empowers me by encouraging me to make pieces that I feel may be too difficult to create.

My dad always tells me aim high because he wants me to surpass my own expectations.

And when I doubt myself, I have to silence the negative thoughts.

When I do accomplish my goals I prove to myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to, and that very feeling is what I want to share with others!

YOU are the only one standing between you and your goals.

A lot of what we don’t try stems from the fear that we may fail, but I don’t see failure as a bad thing. Failure is just one step closer to success.

Fail well, fail gracefully, but never ever give up. Nothing is out of your reach.

In my past, I have dealt with eating disorders, and an emotionally abusive relationship. And the core of these problems had been my very low self esteem. But, I have overcome these struggles by slowly but surely finding the confidence within myself.

I am empowered because I believe in myself even if no one else does. That is what makes the difference. You must believe that what you bring to the table is unique and necessary.

So be the artist in your life. Paint your life in vivid colors,  the world is your blank canvas. Make it beautiful, make it exactly how you want it to look, but most importantly make it for you.

Follow Sydney:

Instagram: @sydneycranexx

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