Power Chat With Akia Perkins

I’ve known Akia since our early college days, and she is genuinely one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Read below on how that beautiful empathetic trait has empowered Akia to seek out and find her purpose.

From Akia————————————————————————–

From my very first memories, I have always been known to be “too” sensitive . Being the only child, and the only grandchild for numerous years has left me to figure out my emotions and how to react to others on my own.

Being reprimanded, being left out, causing disappointment, even watching a sentimental Disney movie would lead to tears, or my feelings being hurt . Many would tell me to toughen up and to not be a “baby”, but it was my grandmother that first saw my sensitivity as a superpower .

She noticed how if another child was being bullied, I was able to put myself into their shoes and be an advocate on their behalf. She noticed that if someone was injured nearby, I would be the first to spring into action and offer my assistance . She noticed that if anyone in our family was going through a hard time, I would always lend a listening ear and provide words of comfort; even at a young age. She was the first person that made me feel proud about my sensitive nature .

She told me that the world needs more people that can’t just sympathize, but empathize with the people around them.

And as an adult this empathy has bred a power within that has become indescribable.


I truly believe hat God has placed me on this Earth to be a caretaker of emotions . So many people are fighting battles that we can’t see, so I make it a point to not only to listen with my ears but with my heart.

In a day in age where we cannot turn on the TV without hearing about a life taken too soon by suicide, I pray that I can be a vessel for someone who thinks they are alone in this world.

What was once a flaw has transformed into a light for those whom I encounter. The world can already be a hard place to live in, and I believe having the ability to empathize with others has given me more clarity about my purpose; Travelling.

As a young African American woman in the aviation industry, being able to travel all over the world has empowered me greatly. At a young age I am able to see that the world is a lot bigger than just the comforts of my backyard on the westside of Indianapolis, Indiana .


I have fallen in love with cities in France to the outskirts of Japan– places I had only dreamed about! I have discovered a new confidence and trust within myself, because sometimes I am the only person that looks like me walking down the street. What was once nerve wracking, has boosted the love I have for myself.

It has also empowered me to go back home and encourage more Women of Color to travel to these far off places. There is something about solo travel that I encourage any person in their 20’s and beyond to try. It is easy to see the world through one lens, but being able to interact with those who do not look like you, pray like you, or move about this life the same as you creates such a diverse perspective !

Being empathetic to others has empowered me to connect with people across the world. I realized that sometimes a trait that you’ve always seen as a flaw can be your gift to others, and it’s always important to not let others deter what could very well be your superpower.

And remember to be kind. Always be kind.

Blessings and Light,


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Instagram: @akialynae

Travel Instagram: @papayas_on_the_go

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