Best Foundations to Wear During the Summer for Both Oily & Dry Skin

It’s already June, and Summer is in full swing! If you’re anything like me, then you like to have your options when it comes to foundation. Some days I like a full-coverage, full-beat face, and on other days I want my foundation to be as sheer as a butterfly wing.

But with some trial and error over the years, I finally found my go-to foundations for the Summer! Here are my favorite foundations to wear during those hot Summer days for both oily and dry skin:

Full-Coverage Foundations:




Both the Loreal® True Match™ and the Maybelline® Fit Me™ are both very similar to each other, except True Match™ is a little bit more dewier than the Fit Me™. These are actually my two favorite foundations year-round, but for the Summer I tend to use Loreal’s True Match™ more just so that I can get that extra glowy look.

Sheer Foundations:



Make Up Forever’s® Water Blend Foundation literally feels like what it says. It’s so hydrating on your skin, but it’s a buildable foundation so you can put on as much as you would like without it getting cakey. The Nars® Sheer Glow Foundation has a little bit more coverage than the Water Blend, but the glow that it gives you is still the same. I usually wear these if I don’t feel like having a full on beat face, but I still want to look put together.

 So now that you guys know what foundations  I use to get my glow, tell me what foundations you use to get yours? 

**Beauty Tip: If your skin is oily, put a matte primer down as your base first. My favorite matte primers to use are Fenty Beauty’s PRO FILT’R primer, mixed with the Benefit Cosmetics® POREfessional primer. The outcome will give  your skin a soft glow look. 

**Beauty Tip: I blend my foundation with a damp beauty sponge. Using a damp beauty sponge helps remove all of the access foundation that can give you that unwanted cake face and clogged pores. 

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