Power Chat With Faith Causey

You guys have to meet her. With style, class, and grace, Faith always walks in her truth. Anyone who has met Faith, can easily recognize the light that shines through her. Read all about what empowers Faith below!

From Faith——————————————————————

When I think about what empowers me, I think about who I am as a person and the many trials (big and small) that I have gone through.
People are often empowered by what they see, and that is completely fine, but for myself, I’m choosing to find the source of empowerment within myself.I choose to understand who I am as a person, and figure out what it is I like and dislike about myself. With that, I choose to make the necessary changes to become the person I’m inspired to be, and someone other women can be inspired by too.
When I think about what empowers me most, I think about my own resilience. In my personal life I have gone through my fair share of little hells. From losing my brother and nephew, battling depression, almost losing my life from epiglottitis, and recently being in a near fatal car accident, I often consider that if I were not supposed to be on this earth, then God would have taken me a while ago.
Knowing that there is a reason for my existence on this earth is what allows me to push forward, even when things don’t appear to be promising. I look at all of my trials and can truly say I survived.

I am empowered by who I am.
I am independent. I am college educated. I am gentle, but strong. I am a woman. And above it all, I am a Black woman.
I am Faith.
I think about all of the phenomenal women, especially Black women, who have come before me, endured their own hells, survived, and are still able to move so graciously throughout their lives. They understand the innate power that they have.
I feel empowered by the fact that I was born with the power, resilience, grace, and beauty that my ancestors possessed, and I choose to carry myself in that way every day.
I chose to love myself for who I am, and to love every part of me. Both of the good and the bad.
Understanding who I am is my greatest weapon against the inevitable struggles of life, and knowing I can face anything by genuinely being me.
That is what empowers me.


Twitter: @FaithOceann

Instagram: @faithocean

*Featured Photo taken by Troy Donavon

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