Power Chat With Cherise Nicole Ragland

There is no better person who can describe empowerment better than Cherise Nicole Ragland. If I hadn’t asked her to be a guest on shekinahragland.com, I would be doing you guys such a disservice! She is such a beautiful soul, inside and out–I mean, just look at her–the very pinnacle of what it means to be an inspiration. Read all about what empowers her below and purchase a copy of her new book “You Can Soar” !

From Cherise——————————————————————–

Are You EM”POWER”ED to Succeed?
The only reason most people haven’t reached their pinnacle’s of success is because they either gave away their power, or it was taken away from them. There I said it, plain and simple.
For some, it was taken away at a young age when you were defenseless and couldn’t fight back. For many of you it happened during painful events in your life and for many, you were brainwashed early to believe that you had no power at all. Something, or someone, took your power and for some you’ve lived a substantial part of your life in ignorance of this fact or struggling to get it back.
To be empowered is to give (someone) the authority or power to do something. Some of the synonyms for empower are to authorize, entitle, permit, allow, license, or sanction. You’ve been given ALL authority (Power) to Succeed!
As long as you are convinced that YOU are not enough, you will stay in bondage. As long as you recycle the images of your past or rehearse the lies that you need MORE you’ll never see the manifestation of your dreams.

Today is your day and it’s time for that to change!!! Everything begins with your belief system. You’ve already been given EVERYTHING you need for success right NOW!!
Whatever you need is in your present moment. Many times we see our dreams afar


off and we focus on the future so much that we forget to live in the present. The future will come, but right at the moment you have to live in the NOW!
Is it an idea, a concept, a dream? Whatever you need in this present moment you already have. It could be something really simple or something really BIG.
For example, you could have something as simple as paper & pencil to map out your plan/vision OR someone you already know could be a divine connection who will make introductions to someone who will say….. YES!!
Let it begin today, let the seed be planted that you are POWERFUL and lacking nothing. That you were made in the image of God, so start creating and be empowered to Succeed!

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Available Books: “You Can Soar” & “The Bake Shop”

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