IUPUI Volleyball Tamed by Dayton Flyers in Opener

By: Shekinah Ragland

Indianapolis— In their twelfth match of the season, the IUPUI Volleyball team fell to the Dayton Flyers 3-0 on, Sept. 13. The undefeated Flyers (12-0), held a strong line of attack throughout all sets leading the Jaguars (4-8) in a 25-22, 27-25, 25-19 game.

The Jaguars held a two-point lead at the start of the first set, before Flyers Lauren Bruns, and Kendyll Brown attempted to block an incoming ball from Jaguar Gabby Fisher, but the Flyers hit the ball right outside of Jaguar Elizabeth Scott’s reach, leading to her missing the return in an attack error. Jaguar, Kori Waelbroeck followed with another attack error shortly after.

Despite the Flyers momentum kicking in, the Jaguars continued  to place distance between the two teams, but the Flyers managed to only achieve a one-point lead. The Flyers  scored numerous points due to attack errors on the Jaguars, eventually receiving 10 points on errors alone in the first set.

“A lot of it was our own error,” said Jaguar Jessica Helms, “We made our own errors, and that’s just us giving away free points. That doesn’t help us at all.”

The Jaguars and Flyers battled it out in the Jungle, before the Flyers eventually took the 25-22 win, putting them at a 1-0 lead in the game.

The initial set lost only fueled the Jaguars’ intensity level even more into the second set.

Despite the fact that the Flyers held a four-point lead in the second set, the Jaguars returned with a heightened sense of intensity for the game. The Jaguars responded with a four-point gain of their own, three points added from kills executed by Waelbroeck, and one point due to a service ace by Gabby Fisher.

The Jaguars were momentarily in the lead by one point, until they allowed another string of attack errors—allowing the Flyers to tie the score at 14-14.

After a timeout, IUPUI finally regained their momentum, trying to place more distance between the two teams.The Jaguars were now in a 20-18 lead in the second set.

In the last minute of the second set, the Flyers held a one-point lead, but due to a service error, the score was brought to 25-25.

Unfortunately, The Jaguars responded with a service error of their own, and the Flyers took the lead again at 26-25.

The Jaguars tried to regroup after the errors, but Flyer Jessica Sloan made a kill in the next play with an assist from Wolf. The Flyers ended the set at 27-25, setting them at 2-0 in the game.

The Jaguars struggled heavily to regain their momentum in the third set.

“It’s all about intensity, and staying focused throughout the play,” said Jaguar Kori Waelbroeck, who ended the night with 16 kills. “It’s about not letting our intensity drop.”

The Flyers advanced the score to 15-8 before IUPUI finally called another timeout in the third set.

When the game resumed, the Jaguars had more control over the ball, but unfortunately to no avail in the end. In the final seconds of the game, Helms hit the ball towards the Flyers territory, but the ball was swiftly killed by Bruns.

The Jaguars would end the game with a 3-0 loss, 111 total attempts, 34 kills, and 12 blocking assists.

IUPUI Volleyball plays their next game against Cleveland State at the Indiana University Tournament in Bloomington, on Sept. 16 at 5 p.m.


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