Here are 5 trendy items you MUST HAVE in 2016

Stay in style this year with these five items !


Over the knee boots with thick heels! & thick heels are a lot more comfortable than stiletto’s


Lampshading: wearing an oversized shirt or sweater that covers your shorts. The name sounds weird but trust me guys, this is one style you don’t want to miss out on.


An oldie but a goodie! Neutral shades of lipstick will never be out of trend, but it’s always good to add a little brown . It’s just dark enough to create that sexy look, without being too dark to look emo (if that’s not the look you’re going for). I often use matte lipstick or lipliner when I wanna add some color to my lips. A great dupe for all expensive brands out there is a brand called Milani. All colors , satin, matte, and glossy, for an affordable price ,but with great quality.


Yeezy was on to something guys. Layered, casual, street style outfits are in.


Are tennis shoes the new heels? Tennis shoes are super casual, and comfy, but interestingly enough, you can wear them with long dresses, or in the outfit as shown above!

Now that you guys have a sense of what’s in this year, go out, go forth, & slay 2016!

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